CH4 Natural Gas Vehicle


Power supply
Software Architecture
Engine management
Injector management

Description and use

HDS stands for Heavy Duty System and is an engine control unit specifically developed for medium- and heavy-duty methane applications. HDS has been designed using state-of-the-art technology in terms of hardware components and software development processes in a model-based environment. HDS also implements the requirements of the latest emission standards (EOBD) and functional safety standards (ISO 26262) adopted by the most influential OEMs worldwide.


Stoichiometric combustion, run-time multipoint feedback via lambda probe. Lean Mix combustion and and single point available as variants on customer request. Multi-layer software architecture to facilitate the integration of customer-control strategies. 4 CAN communication channels used for: Calibration & development (XCP), Diagnostic (UDS) Vehicle Communication (SAE J1939), Private Network (CAN 2.0 B). Engine management up to 8 cylinders with Peak&Hold or Saturati injectors and active ignition coils. Rated operating voltage of 12V and 24V. Includes misfire detection and knocking management without the use of external devices. EGR functionality available upon customer request.



Medium and heavy on-road vehicles (buses and trucks), off-road vehicles (tractors, operating machines) and stationary units (gen-set) with methane fuel (compressed and liquid).

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