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Quality & Certifications

The market situation drives the companies to prove their substantial will to renew all the production processes.

We are also aware that in this social economic context, environmental safeguard and employee safety are a definite “MUST” for achieving our business objectives.

METATRON Management has consequently decided to develop and implement its own company management system concerning quality and environment.

A key element on this subject is the clear definition of the tasks and responsibilities of all staff members in order to obtain what we consider as fundamental requirements:

  • The Customer satisfaction remains our priority and the starting point for all company activities.
  • Guarantee of full compliance with the legal provisions and regulations currently in force on environmental aspects applicable to company activities.
  • The possibility of all Staff members to express their potentials of intelligence and commitment in the best possible way, making them more efficient and productive.
  • The achievement of a quality level suitable for models EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.
  • Safety of the product and of the equipment in order to minimise potential risks for employees, customers, users and environment.
  • On-going improvement of quality, environment safeguard, services, costs and technology in order to guarantee an effective production organisation and to prevent pollution.
  • Assessment and control of the effects of current and future activities on the environment in order to take all the precautions necessary to reduce all negative environmental impact, aiming specifically at controlling and managing energy consumptions and at reducing the production of rejects and waste.
  • Prevention of accidental events and in any event of accidental emissions of matter or energy.
  • Commitment to inform the public on the environmental impact of the activities carried out in the factory.

The management therefore aims at developing the Quality and Environment System, doing everything necessary to achieve the preset objectives.

The implementation of the Quality Policy is guaranteed by:

  • Application of the company Quality System.
  • Management Audit activities on quality and environmental performance.
  • Improvement plans, issued periodically during Management Audits, which define the new objectives of the various company areas.

The company objectives are the following:

  • Operation in compliance with Technical Specifications IATF 16949:2016
  • Offering and selecting products without any compromise concerning operator safety and environment safeguard
  • Continuous personnel training
  • Improvement of company performance in terms of:
    - Control of defined processes exploiting effective indicators 
    - Reduction of defects and returns
    - Observance of delivery times
    - Control of supplier quality standards and consignments 
    - Active customer assistance

The management also implements the detail objectives declared in the Business Plan, providing for the resources required to reach them, with the main aim of increasing the company’s quality level even further.