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Subcomponents and functions

  • Filter
    The CNG flows at the tank pressure through the inlet and is filtered through a high efficiency filter.
  • Shut-off valve
    The shut-off valve ensures the high pressure tightness when the coil is not energized (i.e. when the engine is stopped, when the engine runs in gasoline mode or in case of severe faults).
  • Nozzle
    CNG flows through the lamination nozzle. The flow area of the nozzle is determined by the positioning of the piston.
  • Cylinder  – piston – spring assembly
    It controls the outlet pressure according to the factory preset value based on engine and injectors requirements. It is very effective and no stress affects the components (such as elastic membranes or diaphragms) ensuring maintenance-free operation and life durability. Moreover, the assembly operates in a very smooth way without any relevant noise emission.
  • Dynamic sealing
    The tightness of the pressure regulator in low pressure volume results from an ad-hoc design dynamic sealing. This determines no leakages and very low friction leading to for life durability. Besides, the  permanent lubrication provided during the manufacturing process allows perfect sliding movement ensuring fast and accurate outlet pressure control, also under fast transient conditions of the engine.
  • Pressure relief valve
    In case of malfunctioning and when the excess of the regulated pressure is above 20 barg, the relief valve opens preventing dangerous conditions for the downstream components (i.e. injector rail). When the pressure returns to a safe value, the relief valve automatically closes.