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The piston technology was preferred to other solutions (membrane, diaphragm) after a severe benchmark based on OEM main specifications requirements, namely minimum maintenance costs and high reliability.

Its core features are:

  • Zero maintenance / for life durability
    Metatron piston concept pressure regulator ensures zero defects and no maintenance during the entire vehicle lifetime.
    Severe durability tests, both on bench and vehicle, showed that the working principle of the piston concept, based on dynamic low friction seals instead of elastic deformation of membrane, ensures the vehicle lifetime duration with no need for change in output pressure set point, dynamic performances and part replacement or tuning after factory release.
  • Insensitivity to oil and chemical contaminants
    The materials used in Metatron pressure regulators ensure the highest compatibility with all kinds of CNG composition. The use of aluminium and brass for cylinders and body, guarantees maximum insensitivity to chemical contaminants contained in CNG. The presence of oil coming from CNG compressors is very dangerous for membrane pressure regulators while it has a positive effect on Metatron piston regulators. As a matter of fact, the lubricant effect of the oil maintains a very low friction in the coupling of cylinders and piston sealing.
  • Wide range of flow rate and output pressure to meet all applications requirements
    Metatron pressure regulators can manage a wide range of flow rates with the single and double stage. Output pressure can cover all OEM injectors requirements, thus satisfying any passenger car, light duty and heavy duty applications. The heating circuit ensures the proper feeding of the engine both in case of intermittent (as in city buses) and continuous (as in special purpose vehicles) maximum power usages.
  • High performance in fast transient conditions
    The piston assembly and the dynamic sealing of Metatron pressure regulators ensure an accurate and fast outlet pressure control and a smooth behaviour in fast transient conditions. These features render the regulator perfectly suitable for any driving style, either during long distance performances or in stop-and-go urban conditions.