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Fully EOBD and OEM Peak&Hold injectors power driver for passenger car application (LPG and CNG)

This is a powerful and cost effective driver designed for Peak&Hold injectors management in a system where the LPG or CNG  injectors opening time is calculated by a bifuel  ECU not providing these kind of power drivers.  The Peak&Hold injector current is controlled in closed loop and  a full set of diagnostics is provided by a dedicated ASIC who take care of both high and low side injector driver channels. The calibration of the P&H current shape is provided based on  injector specifications. Maximum current up to 10 Ampere is allowed thus satisfying almost all injectors specification available in the market.  The lean design based an OEM requirements let the SDU to be a cost effective and a full featured and customizable CAN interface give to customer at same time the simplest and most flexible power driver available in the market.

EURO 5 and EURO 6 compatible , certified according ECE R67,R110 (LPG and CNG systems) and ECE R10.  

SDU is the perfect P&H power driver for OEM or 0 km application with any kind of production volumes