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R115 compliant, EOBD compatible (compliant to Euro 5 std) Master-Slave ECU system for bifuel vehicles

This is a system based on twin ECUs on which the petrol one is the original OEM fitted control module. The CNG control module has a SLAVE GAS optimized metering system. The diagnosis system monitors CNG components. CNG dedicated spark advance calibration is available and is actuated by the gasoline ECU by means of an extremely safe angle shifting system.  The slave twin ECU approach is the best time saving and light way solution to transform passenger cars and light duty vehicles from gasoline into bi-fuel.

The system is fully EOBD compatible and complies with Euro 5 or R115 regulation. The engine compartment installation compliance allows savings on wiring harness fitting.

META 2 is the perfect system for an OEM Euro 5 or 0 km  transformation from an original gasoline vehicle into bi-fuel.