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Full featured and flexible Engine Management systems family designed for the highest Emission standards and most sever missions in Heavy Duty commercial vehicles field.

SPI and MPI injection designs allowed. Stoichiometric or Lean mix combustion strategy allowed, according to target emission standards.

The flexibility of this family of EMS is intended to cover almost every Heavy Duty applications in a very wide range of application requirements based on:


  • LNG or CNG storage system  - fuel storage system management can be adapted to both LNG and CNG requirements in term of safety and output pressure range.
  • Emission standards  – Already certified according to Euro III, Euro IV, Euro V + EOBD, Euro 6 + EOBD, China 5 + EOBD, USA EPA 10  
  • Injection system architectures – Both Multipoint MPI (original design for 6 cylinders engine) and Singlepoint SPI are supported
  • Combustion strategy – Stoichiometric and lean combustion are allowed. The thermal model of exhaust temperature allows the switch among the two kind of combustions in real time according to vehicle usage.
  • Rated power – The system flexibility applies to any rated powers from 140 up to 400 kW, thus satisfying all application range in commercial vehicles field.
  • Ignition coils configuration – both active and standard passive ignition coils can be used since the HDS ECU can be supplied with or without ignition power drivers
  • Injectors type – Peak&Hold as well as saturated command and  low or high working pressure injectors  are selectable at calibration level allowing a complete independence of engine calibration from used injectors type
  • Vehicle control architecture – from zero to full integration with VCM (Vehicle Control Module) can be used since vehicle management functions are available at physical (wired analog/digital input/output) and logical (J1939 CAN bus) level.

Metatron provides an engineering full support to customers for engine optimization according to above requirements by means of an Engineering and Application department. Turn key application developments can be provided including design of engine customizations for HDS system integration.

The standard supplied Bill Of Material of Metatron HDS EMS includes  ECU, Fuel rails assembly, pressure regulator and additional smart electrical heater. For small production volumes, for those customers who requires a complete system supply (kit style), Metatron can supply extended system Bill Of Material  including all those standards sensors and actuators not produced by our company and engineered integration solutions (pipes, brackets, intake manifold).
The HDS family includes the following models:

  • HDS MPI lean mix (or full stoichiometric) three ways catalyst – Euro 5 EOBD – already certified by most important engine manufacturers in China, features a simple, robust and cost effective Engine Control System design
  • HDS SPI lean mix (or full stoichiometric) three ways catalyst or OSC – Euro 5 – developed according to the most applied injection architecture, combining easy integration with accuracy of injectors – available also for 8 cylinder engines  with the active coils usage constrain.
  • Metafuel 3 MPI Euro 5 EOBD – full stoichiometric three ways catalyst
    IVECO NG engine dedicated system based on customer's proprietary development/engineering. IVECO NG engine equipped with METAFUEL 3 ranked best in class for emission and fuel efficency (in real use).
    Exclusive supply for IVECO Engine.
  • Metafuel 4, MPI Euro 6 EOBD – full stoichiometric three ways catalyst  - exclusive for IVECO engines.
  • HDS China 6 – under development – since the regulation is not yet frozen , the system is actually based on Euro 6 regulations. Available 6 months after regulation freezing  that is forecasted by the end of 2015.

HDS - is the perfect system for an OEM Heavy Duty NG dedicated vehicle.