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Metafuel 2

EOBD compatible MASTER-SLAVE system for bi-fuel vehicles.
Metafuel 2 is a system based on TWIN ECUs, the original petrol module (MASTER) and the CNG module (SLAVE). The spark advance is actuated via the gasoline ECU through an extremely safe angle shifting algorithm.  The MASTER-SLAVE concept is the easiest and best time saving way to convert passenger cars and light-duty vehicles to bi-fuel. The AFCM, suitable for engine compartment installation, ensures simple wiring and a highly reliable CNG injection system. In view of the Euro 5 standard, the Metafuel 2 is suitable for complete OEM Euro 5 + EOBD type approval.

META 2 is the perfect system for a OEM Euro 5 or 0 km (Euro 4 or lower std) conversion.

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Fully EOBD and OEM compliant system for CNG dedicated vehicles.
Designed for heavy-duty vehicles, the HDS system manages all the functions required by a bus or truck (up to 6 cylinders normally aspirated or turbocharged displacement engines from 3 up to 20 l, 12 or 24 supply voltage).

Two different versions are available:

  • HDS STD: for  traditional vehicles where the torque demand is operated directly from the accelerator pedal processing secondary load requirements;
  • HDS TM: a fully integrated, driven-by-wire Vehicle Torque Manager system where the engine torque demand is calculated  by way of a vehicle computer suiting the wheels and other auxiliary demands. HDS is the perfect system for an OEM light-duty or NG dedicated vehicle.

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