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Metatron S.p.A.
Via Angelelli, 61
40013 Castel Maggiore (BO)
Phone +39 051 41 71 911
Fax +39 051 41 71 990
E-mail: info@metatron.it

Metatronix s.r.l.
Via A. Olivetti, 24
10040 Volvera (TO) (I)
Phone: (+39) 011 999211
Fax: (+39) 011 9992138
E-mail: info@metatronix.it
Web: www.metatronix.it

Metatron Control Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Suite 1108, Silver Tower
933 Zhongshan (w) Rd.
Changning District - 200051 Shanghai
P.R. China
Ph. (+86) 021 51113835 / 3935
Fax (+86) 021 51113677
E-mail: info@metatron.asia

Sales Engineering Department

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METATRON at a glance

  • 100% OEM market oriented
  • Technology leader with almost one million passengers cars, delivery van and HD powered by Metatron systems or regulators
  • Headquarters in Bologna, Engineering & Electronic Division in Turin
  • Yearly production capacity: up to 250,000 units

Metatron Ethics

We believe in ethical principles and they guide us in all our dealings inside and outside the Company.

EN: Flip through our Handbook of Ethical Conduct

IT: Sfoglia il nostro manuale del Codice Etico

Metatron Vision

"The leader in CNG / LNG automotive field being the preferred technological partner for very qualified OEMs and contributing to improve the environment and air quality."


To create value for our OEM’s customers being the preferred partner delivering components, system & solutions in CNG / LNG automotive market.

This will be achieved by:

  • Constantly improving the level of the product / service at the highest level of quality and technology and at the best "value for money" expected by customers
  • Supplying CNG pressure regulator for various and different automotive applications.
  • Offering complete systems for Heavy Duty application when the customers require it.
  • Loyalize the customers and inspire confidence in our products and people through the passion we put into everything we do

Process Highlights

Quality Metrological:



Components test laboratory:


Manufactoring automation: